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Mainstream television was launched on 16 September 1956 in Sydney with Nine Network station TCN-9-Sydney.The new medium was introduced by Bruce Gyngell with the words 'Good evening, and welcome to television', Local programs, over the years, have included a broad range of comedy, sport, and in particular drama series, in addition to news and current affairs.If you don't register for GST and are required to do so, you may have to pay GST on the sales you have made since the date you became required to register.This could happen even if you did not include GST in the price of those sales. Watch: In working out your projected GST turnover, don't include amounts you receive for the sale of a business asset (such as the sale of a capital asset) or for any sale you made, or are likely to make, solely as a consequence of ceasing or substantially and permanently reducing the size of your business.New residential premises If you sell a new residential premises you are generally making a taxable sale, which means you: Commercial residential premises If you sell new or existing commercial residential premises, you are generally making a taxable sale.You can claim GST credits for purchases you make in relation to the sale of commercial residential premises and must pay GST on the sale.You can access UK government services while in Australia.If you’re in South Australia, Tasmania or Victoria and you need urgent help (for example, you’ve been attacked, arrested or someone has died), call 61 (0)3 9652 1600.

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See also: GST is not included when selling or renting existing residential premises.