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The following notes on text format apply to all texts and will not be repeated in full. _Cornelius Vitellius_, an _Italian_, was the first who taught _Greek_ in that University[54]; and from him the famous _Grocyne_ learned the first Elements thereof. S: made.] At these monastic schools, I suppose, were educated mainly the boys whom the monks hoped would become monks, cleric or secular; mostly the poor, the Plowman’s brother who was to be the Parson, not often the ploughman himself. A most gracious saving clause truly, for those children who were used to labour at the plough and cart till they were twelve years old[67]. These Acts I came across when hunting for the Statutes referred to by the _Boke of Curtasye_ as fixing the hire of horses for carriage at fourpence a piece, and they caused me some surprise. Ȝef yn the logge he were y-take, Muche desese hyt myȝth ther make, And suche case hyt myȝth befalle That hyt myȝth greve summe or alle; For alle the masonus that ben there Wol stonde togedur hol y-fere. _Italics and other text markings:_ Italicized letters within words, representing expanded abbreviations, are shown in the e-text with braces (“curly brackets”): conyng. “In _Cambridge_, _Erasmus_ was the first who taught the _Greek Grammar_. 307) puts the age at fifteen, and says, “such onely should be sent to the Vniuersities, who proue most ingenuous and towardly, and who, in a loue of learning, will begin to take paines of themselues, hauing attained in some sort the former parts of learning; being good Grammarians at least, able to vnderstand, write and speake Latine in good sort. Once, though, made a scholar and monk there, and sent by the Monastery to the University, the workman’s, if not the ploughman’s, son, might rule nobles and sit by kings, nay, beard them to their face. They made me wonder less at the energy with which some people now are striving to erect “barriers against democracy” to prevent the return match for the old game coming off.--However improving, and however justly retributive, future legislation for the rich by the poor in the spirit of past legislation for the poor by the rich might be, it could hardly be considered pleasant, and is surely worth putting up the true barrier against, one of education in each poor man’s mind. Ȝef suche won yn that craft schulde dwelle, Of dyvers desesys ȝe myȝth telle. De Pre Historie 1969 - 12 - Blood, Sweat And Tears - Spinning Wheel 425. De Pre Historie 1969 - 11 - The Pebbles - Seven Horses In The Sky 424. If you live elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook. The number of friars and monks at the Universities before the Reformation, and especially at Oxford, must have been large. So that a little before the Reformation, the greatest part of the proceeders in divinity at Oxford were monks and Regular canons. In some grammar schooles likewise, which send scholers to these universities, it is lamentable to see what briberie is used; for yer the scholer can be preferred, such briberye is made, that pore men’s children are commonly shut out, and the richer sort received (who in times past thought it dishonour to live as it were upon almes) and yet being placed, most of them studie little other than histories, tables, dice & trifles, as men that make not the living by their studie the end of their purposes; which is a lamentable bearing. See comments about copyright issues at end of book. [Headnote: FAVOURITISM OF THE RICH IN THE UNIVERSITIES.] By Harrison’s time, A. 1577[51], rich men’s sons had not only pressed into the Universities, but were scrooging poor men’s sons out of the endowments meant only for the poor, learning the lessons that Mr Whiston so well shows our Cathedral dignitaries have carried out with the stipends of their choristers, boys and men. Poore men are (easily) supplanted by the rich, the weake by the strong, the meane by the mighty.”[52] (Cotgrave, u. Besides this, being for the most part either gentlemen, or rich men’s sonnes, they oft bring the universities into much slander.[53] For standing upon their reputation and libertie, they ruffle and roist it out, exceeding in apparell, and hanting riotous companie (which draweth them from their bookes into an other trade). De Pre Historie 1969 - 10 - Grapefruit - Deep Water 423.

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Readers may choose to divide them into separate files. Knight says in his _Life of Colet_: “As for _Oxford_, its own _History_ and _Antiquities_ sufficiently confess, that nothing was known there but _Latin_, and that in the most depraved Style of the _School-men_. Provided Always, that every Man and Woman, of what Estate or Condition that he be, shall be free to set their Son or Daughter to take Learning at any manner School that pleaseth them within the Realm. 3, &c.) The fowrthe artycul thys moste be, That the mayster hym wel be-se That he _no bondemon_ prentys make, Ny for no covetyse do hym take; For the lord that he ys bond to, May fache the prentes whersever he go.

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