Friends do chandler monica start dating when dating how long before getting serious

22-Jul-2017 08:36

She met Chandler Bing at her parents' house on Thanksgiving Day, 1987.

She initially had a crush on him (even became a chef because he told her that he liked her macaroni) until she overheard him referring to her as Ross's "fat sister." The shock was so great for her that she became determined to take off all her extra weight by the next time he would see her. She unintentionally got back at him by dropping a knife and severing one of his toes during a failed attempt to seduce him.

Other frequently recurring characters include Ross and Monica's parents in Long Island, Ross's ex-wife and their son, Central Perk barista Gunther, Chandler's ex-girlfriend Janice, and Phoebe's twin sister Ursula.

The actors were given the salary of the least-paid cast member, meaning Aniston and Schwimmer had their salaries reduced.

She flees from her almost-wedding to New York City to find Monica Geller, her friend from high school.

Rachel moves into Monica's apartment and meets Phoebe Buffay, and Joey Tribbiani.

The six characters each have many dates and serious relationships, such as Monica with Richard Burke and Ross with Emily Waltham.

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She also lived with Phoebe Buffay, across the hall from Chandler.Over time, an arrangement evolved in which the author would collect questions from the readers of the mailing list and newsgroup, send them on to Jeff who would in turn answer them and mail back his responses. The Little Girl [5.17] Suzanne Lanze................. The Gentleman on the Plane [4.24] Lela Lee......................

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