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I became a huge podcast fan—an obsessive one, as my poor husband discovered. There are times when he’s like, “I can’t believe you said that.” But he’s been awesome about it.

And I wanted something lighthearted on my way to work, and I love to talk about relationships; that’s all I want to talk about with my friends. I like talking to strangers, and I like escaping the Hollywood bubble. But I think as celebrities, you end up talking about yourself a whole lot and sometimes it’s really nice to talk about other people’s lives. He’s never said that I shouldn’t talk about something, which he probably thinks a lot! I am, but what overcomes it or what balances out the fear, is that it feels therapeutic and liberating to be in control of my story. I think it’s because I have to have control over it and I don’t want the town to make me feel insecure about it.

Airtime requires users to log in and enjoy the service using their Facebook accounts, a feature not present in other chat sites, where chatters can chat with random people without knowing their identities.

Chatmeet is another chatroulette favorite, allowing users to talk to random people via its digital chat room that also carries video capabilities.

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Other functionalities include gender and distance filtering which greatly improves users’ chances of meeting someone they will find interesting and compatible.

Considering the coordination, talent, and passion involved with the Real Life First Person Shooter series – Realm Pictures deserves some sort of award and after this we cannot wait for Level 3.