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After all, Sami has done some really sick things in Salem. Stay with us and try to focus: Teenage Sami had the hots for this wrestler, Austin. Juan Pablo's Anti-Gay Comments Don't Hurt ' The Bachelor' Ratings]" data-reactid="36"3.

And what better time than now to recall Sami's shenanigans that you should never, ever try at home? But then Austin started going out with Sami's sister Carrie. Sami still liked Austin, so she drugged him, convinced him that she was her sister, and had sex with him. Sami is free, a changed woman who devotes her life to helping others. When being Sami is just too much to bear, become Stan.

This seems like the right place to note that Sami, although not a girl's girl, might have benefited from a female friend at this particular moment in her life." data-reactid="45"5. found out about Sami's pregnancy, he turned all warm, fuzzy, and apologetic for the bad things he did, because unexpected pregnancies always bring out the best in bad guys (in soap operas).

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fans have loved to hate and root for over two decades; a feisty, fiery brat, who's manipulated her way into their hearts of many a Salem man. Check out these 25 facts about the incomparable Sami Brady.1.

In its early years the stories centered on the middle class Bauer family, but later the wealthy Spauldings, ...

See full summary » In Santa Barbara, California, the fascinating and tumultuous life of the rich Capwells around who gravitate other families, from the Lockridges, the rival family, to the Andrades or the ...

Upon returning to Salem in 1993, Sami was greeted by her dad, Roman, pointing a gun at her.

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She was lurking outside the Brady house, and he thought she was an intruder.5.

Actor Billy Flynn plays Chad Di Mera on "Days of Our Lives." He took over the role as Stefano Di Mera's youngest son from Casey Deidrick in 2014 and has enjoyed success as a regular on the popular soap.