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A recognized expert on addiction, codependency, and child abuse provides an invaluable book for all women. It wasn't what I thought it would be - I think I balked at the word "addiction" initially - but it kicked my ever lovin' ass into some thought directions I've never gone before.

I had to be in my 40s, in the midst of yet another complicated and confusing relationship, to have the nerve to purchase it when yet someone else put it in front of my nose.

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With airbrushed models posing in lacy red and black push-up bras with voluminous, blow-dried hair at one end of the market, to underground shops stocked with BDSM gear and expensive leather outfits behind neon-lit doors at the other, it can feel like women are being sold a vision of sexy from an old lads' mag or one that’s a little extreme.

But some women are stepping into the industry to plug a gap with toys and lingerie made and marketed by those who want a paired-down aesthetic.

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But what’s so wrong with enjoying dressing up in more mainstream black lace corsets you might find on the highstreet?